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Based in Worthing, West Sussex, Castle Residential is a letting agency and property management business born from the necessity to have our own portfolio managed effectively, professionally and at an agreeable rate. As letting agents we rent flats and houses and provide property management services all over West Sussex. We rent flats and houses from Hove to Littlehampton and up to Washington.
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Why tenants choose us…

Our tenants rent with us because we manage the tenancy properly. If something goes wrong then we get it fixed and unlike other letting agents if the tenant is happy and the tenancy is extended then we thank them, not hit them with a charge to renew the agreement.

Why landlords choose us…

Landlords that choose our property management service do so because not only because they can save hundreds of pounds each year but also because our service is excellent. When you have a rental property, a good tenant and a good letting agent is just as important as the property itself. What we offer is professional property management at an affordable rate. Our property management service is designed by landlords for landlords, with no short cuts and no corner cutting. We can contact your existing agent and handle the change over on your behalf, avoiding the need for any potential awkward conversation Landlords can start to use us straight away. There is no need to wait until their current tenant moves out to save money on letting agent’s fees. Keep the same tenant and switch property management to the best letting agent in the Worthing area.

Our Rates and Service

Compare our rates and service levels with any other letting agents in the Worthing area or indeed any letting agents or property management company in West Sussex and you will find us second to none. Most landlords can upgrade to a stress free full property management service and still reduce their letting agent’s fees. We don’t cut corners and our rents are reviewed regularly to keep pace with the current market value. We charge just 7% for our full property management service. A totally professional service tailored to suite each landlord individually.

Switch now and save up to 40%

On average landlords using “another agent” can cut their letting agent fees by 40% by using us, if you think of property management as a service like gas or electricity, would you change supplier to save 40%?

The letting agent that charges less and does more

We are without a doubt Worthing’s best value letting agents. Other letting agents charge more and do less, we know this first hand. Our business model is such that we can offer better rates and service than all other local letting agent. Like other letting agents, we market our business on property websites and portals as well as in the local media. A well positioned shop front / office on South Street in Tarring, near the notoriously slow west Worthing crossing, so our properties and brand are seen by plenty of people each and every day. Coupled with our determination, the best software and technology and our large database of loyal tenant clients who recommend us to friends and family, we can let your property quickly and efficiently, please get in touch to discuss your needs.

What we do

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