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We value good tenants as much as a good landlord and good property

When you rent through Castle Residential, you can be assured that we will treat you fairly. Our philosophy is simple. A good property equals a good experience for the tenant and also for us.

So we make sure all our properties are up to standard and if we can't imagine ourselves living there, then we won't touch it.

If something goes wrong, and things do from time to time, it is our aim to resolve the issue quickly and properly. When we manage a property, you know that we are only a phone call, text message or an email away to help with any problems that may arise.

Fairness is reflected in our fees as well as our service. For example, we don't charge for tenancy agreements or tenancy renewals and we don't charge for submitting your deposit to the deposit protection scheme.

Tenant Credit Check / Referencing Fee £350
Guarantor Credit Check / Referencing is £50
Completion Fee £100

We do not charge for tenancy agreements or tenancy renewals. We don't charge for submitting your deposit to the DPS.

Additional costs

A check in/out report is required for each new tenancy. This document details the condition of the property from the time you move in and serves as evidence to protect your security deposit against any deductions that may be levied for damage to the property.
The cost of the report is dependent on the size of the property, 1 bed £50, 2 bed £70, 3 bed £90

Deposit & Rent
Deposits are submitted the DPS in accordance with government legislation. Typically 1 month's rent and 6 weeks deposit is required before moving in, but this amount can vary for each property, so we advise on deposits and rent in person and will send you confirmation of the total balance.

Click here to download the application form, print this form and complete it in full. A completed application form is required for each tenant and also for any guarantors. Return the completed forms along with the referencing fees and the following back up Photo ID and proof of address. This is what paperwork you need with each completed form:

Photo ID

  • 1 x Copy of Passport or Copy of Driving License

Proof of address

  • 2 x Copy of Utility bills with current address (Gas/Electric/Council Tax/Water/Phone)
  • 1 x Copy of latest bank statement showing current address
  • 1 x Copy of latest payslip

Get all this information to us, along with the fully completed application forms and the referencing fees and we can get things moving along

Once we receive all the information and the fully completed application forms and referencing fees, we can start the checks.

These checks normally take 2 or 3 days to complete. Providing the referencing is good and the landlord is happy to proceed we will fix a time to meet and sign the tenancy agreements. As long as there is no delay and the money is correctly received, we can normally move you in very quickly. You can call us anytime for an update, we are happy to answer any questions.